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Nucleus Colonies - Order now for Spring 2021

$220.00 NZD

Our Nucs contain a Queen, five frames of bees, brood and stores. We can easily alter this configuration to meet your requirements so please just ask
And please note that once you’ve received your Nuc we're available to talk through any questions of issues you may have and can help where we can.

We prefer PICK UP of our Nucleus Colonies, but they can be freighted at additional cost. We'll be prepping and have available Nucs from Early October. 

Once you've ordered we'll contact you for freight costs. Estimates to North Island for one Nuc is $40 and $30 for South Island - Rural Addtional 

If we feel the health and wellbeing of the bees would be at risk due to extreme weather and address locations, we may refuse to ship and will refund your order.

1 x box includes a Queen, five frames of bees, brood and stores in a corflute NUC transportation box with outer packaging  – this includes a recovery fee of $30 for the unreturnable corflute box.

$220 inc GST

If you require more information on transferring your Nuc please Click here for a printable PDF